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MediationMediation is a process utilized in civil matters to resolve all or part of the issues in dispute. It gives the parties to the litigation the unique opportunity to play an integral role in the resolution of their own case, as opposed to placing the sole decision making authority with the Judge.

A number of years ago, Tennessee law made mediation necessary in all divorce and custody cases. This includes cases in which parties seek to modify an existing permanent parenting plan or order.

In order to set such a case for trial, the parties must first attempt settlement through a Supreme Court Rule 31 listed mediator. This informal process allows the parties or parents to express their desires for an outcome and attempt to find a middle ground which they can live with and avoid destroying their ability to work together by testifying against one another in a trial.

Here at the Law Offices of Rambo & Trott, Attorney Megan Kingree Trott has been mediating family law cases since 2007 and would be glad to assist you with your mediation needs.

The calendar below is for reference only. Submitting a request is not a guarantee of an appointment. Please use the form below to request mediation.

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